Connecting Health Policy - McCune Foundation

The project extends existing efforts to analyze costs of health care and make recommendations about health care reform applicable to New Mexico.  The approach involves identification of persons who can speak for users and payers, for example small businesses and person from rural areas.  Through focus groups and other methods, these participants will respond to current problems and develop proposals to reform health care. Recommendations will be disseminated to policy makers.  The project addresses a serious planning gap that has emerged following the failure over two New Mexico Legislative sessions to mandate and create an open planning process for health care reform.  The issue is to improve the process whereby health-related needs at the community level can be articulated and successfully translated into useful public policy. Public health care policy informed through active public engagement is likely to serve the public better than policy developed with predominate involvement of special interests. The project itself is an evaluation of the impact of values-based messages to enhance public engagement.
Principal Investigator:    William Wiese, MD, RWJF-Center for Health Policy at UNM
Project Dates:                   02/19/2011 to 02/28/2013