2012 AEA Summer Training Program Photo Gallery

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke remotely addresses the AEA students as part of the Friday guest lecture.


Group shot of the AEA students and lecturers after Chairman Bernanke's lecture.

Dr. Alok Bohara, one of the AEA instructors, listens to Chairman Bernanke.













Dr. Siegfried, one of the AEA Friday guest lecturers, instructs.


Thumbs-up to the AEA Summer Program!


Working hard in the computer lab.


Taking a break from econ in the computer lab.


Dr. Valdez demonstrates an economic point in during the computer lab portion of the day.


Working together on economics and stats.


Learning the intricacies of stats and economics.


Dr. Arnold Baker, one of the AEA guest lecturers, shares a laugh with Dr. Valdez after the AEA Friday lecture.


It's hard but rewarding work.



Students in class for the AEA Summer Program.


Dr. Robert Valdez, RWJF Center Executive Director and one of AEA's summer instructors.


Taking a break between classes on UNM's beautiful campus.


In front of UNM's Zimmerman Library.


Afternoon AEA session.


It's a good class!


Enjoying class!


AEA scholars and instructors enjoy a Friday lunch on the lawn in front of the RWJF Center for Health Policy.


A lunch of red chile enchiladas and beans is a good end to the first week of AEA courses.


AEA scholars and instructors celebrate their first week of classes with lunch together on the lawn.


Great food and great company!

Students attending the AEA Summer Training and Minority Scholarship Program say cheese! The program is co-sponsored by the RWJF Center for Health Policy at UNM.



The first day of the AEA Summer Training and Minority Scholarship at the RWJF Center for Health Policy at UNM.


Studying statistics in the computer lab.


More stats!