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AcademyHealth Minority Scholars Program

AcademyHealth, the preeminent professional society for health services researchers and health policy analysts, is pleased to announce a new scholarship program specifically targeted to minority scholars underrepresented in HSR to explore opportunities in the field. Supported by the Aetna Foundation, the Minority Scholars Program will provide the opportunity for 15 student scholars and fellows to attend the AcademyHealth 2010 Annual Research Meeting (ARM). More details about the program are highlighted below:

Current graduate-level students, post-doctoral fellows, and clinical fellows with an interest in HSR and/or disparities research are encouraged to apply. The program specifically targets underrepresented minorities in the field of HSR, including African American, Hispanic or Latino, and Native American groups. (For more information on underrepresented minorities in HSR, see Moore and McGinnis, 2009)

Scholarships include:

  • Cost of travel and accommodations
  • Registration to attend:
    • the AcademyHealth 2010 Annual Research Meeting (ARM) in Boston (June 27-29);
    • a pre-conference seminar in HSR methods; and
    • the AcademyHealth Disparities Interest Group Meeting
  • Mentoring opportunity that will match selected scholars with an expert in their area of interest.

The newly established AcademyHealth Minority Scholars Program supports the cost of travel and attendance to the Annual Research Meeting (ARM), pre-ARM Methods Workshops, and the Disparities Interest Group Annual Meeting. The goal of the program is to support the professional development of underrepresented minorities in the field of health services research (HSR). Students and fellows with an interest in HSR and/or disparities research are encouraged to apply.

AcademyHealth defines underrepresented minorities in the field of HSR as the following racial/ethnic groups: Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian/Alaska Native. This definition is derived from findings from a recent study conducted by Moore and McGinnis.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2010

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current graduate-level students, post-doctoral fellows, or clinical fellows
  • Member of a underrepresented minority group

Desirable Qualifications

  • CV demonstrating past or current research/work experience in HSR or disparities research
  • A statement of interest showing a clear connection between learning objectives and interest in attending AcademyHealth's Annual Research Meeting in Boston (June 26-29)
  • Recommendation from faculty advisor or work supervisor

Application Process

To apply, applicants must submit the following:

  • Completed scholarship application form
  • Current résumé/curriculum vitae
  • Documentation of student status if applicable (e.g. scanned copy of student ID, departmental letter)
  • Essay (no longer than 500 words) outlining how participation in the program will assist in your educational and professional pursuits in HSR or disparities research (see application for specific essay guidelines)
  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor or work supervisor


Criteria for Judging Applications

The selection committee will judge the applications based on:


  • Demonstrated commitment to the field of HSR or disparities research.
  • Clear connection between the stated learning objectives and the reason for attending the conference.
  • Quality of the essay (well-written, clear and within the word limit requested).


Learn more:
Visit the scholarships and fellowships page on AcademyHealth’s Web site to learn more about this program and other opportunities for students and fellows.

The application deadline for the Minority Scholars Program is April 1st. Please visit the Minority Scholars Program Web page to access the online application.

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