Research Papers / Results

The Impact of Ethnicity on Attitudes Toward Health Care Reform in New Mexico

Methods. Our data are from a state-wide random digit dialing telephone survey of New Mexico residents, age 18 and older, conducted in the Fall of 2007. With an Hispanic population of 44% and on-going health care reform efforts by the state legislature, New Mexico is an ideal location for this analysis. Results.

Health Care Policy Preferences and New Mexicans' Valuations of a Public Good: Survey Research as a Tool for the Public Good

Health care reform is a salient policy issue nationally and at the state level and in New Mexico this is no exception. At issue is how to increase coverage and access to healthcare to promote overall health and wellbeing. Universal coverage plans have received particular attention as a means to achieve this goal, although with mixed results due to lack of funding and resistance from various stakeholders. While the reasons for this are numerous, limited funding is an important factor when it comes to programmatic expansion.