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Black Educational Disparities in New Mexico

This is the third brief in the State of Blacks in New Mexico series. This brief examines the state of  Black education and educational outcomes in New Mexico. Like the previous brief, this brief utilizes DataHub to examine the education status and educational outcomes of Blacks in New Mexico. The data used in this breif is also supplimented with the UNM’s Center for Health Policy most recent survey, and other research conducted by researchers at the RWJF Center for Health Policy focused on education in New Mexico.

The RWJF Center at UNM team will continue to work with the New Mexico Office of African American Affairs to draw from this invaluable resource to analyze the state of Blacks in New Mexico regarding health, education, and criminal justice over the next few months with an eye toward proving legislators and other policy makers with the information required to improve the lives of the Black community in the state with sound and data driven policy decisions. 

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