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Native American Budget & Policy Institute: Who We Are

Governance Council Members

  • Hon. Robert Yazzie, Native Nations Institute International Advisory Council Member at the University of Arizona and Chief Justice Emeritus of the Navajo Nation (Diné)
  • Ingeborg Vicenti, Dulce Public Schools Mental Health Therapist (Jicarilla Apache)
  • Dr. Joseph Suina, UNM College of Education Professor Emeritus and former Governor of Cochiti Pueblo (Cochiti)
  • Patricia Salazar Ives, Esq., Cuddy & McCarthy, LLP Partner
  • Dr. Ken Lucero, Field Officer for U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich (Zia/Cochiti);
  • Dr. Michael Lipsky, Demos Distinguished Senior Fellow;
  • Tara Gatewood, Native America Calling Host and Producer (Isleta/Diné);
  • Hon. Walter Dasheno, former Governor of Santa Clara Pueblo (Santa Clara);
  • Dr. Gayle Chacon, Jemez Health and Human Services Interim Director (Diné);
  • Hon. Arthur Blazer, Mescalero Apache President (Mescalero Apache);
  • Robert Apodaca, Motiva Corporation COO

Founding Alliance Members

  • Regis Pecos, Institute Co-Founder and Leadership Institute at the Santa Fe Indian School Co-Director (Cochiti)
  • Alvin Warren, W.K. Kellogg Foundation Program Officer for New Mexico programs (Santa Clara)
  • Gabriel R. Sanchez, Institute Co-Founder and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy at UNM Executive Director
  • Edward Tabet-Cubero, Institute Co-Founder and New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty Former Executive Director
  • Sireesha Manne, New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty Interim Executive Director
  • Dr. Carnell Chosa, Leadership Institute at the Santa Fe Indian School Co-Founder and Co-Director (Jemez)

Institute Leadership & Staff

  • Cheryl Demmert Fairbanks, Esq., Interim Executive Director (Tlingit/Tsimphsian)
  • Jasmine Yepa, JD, Policy and Budget Analyst (Jemez)
  • Sheri Lesansee, MPH, Program/Research Manager
  • Antoinette Maestas, Program Specialist
  • Carmela Morales, Research Assistant
  • Lia Abeita-Sanchez