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"What's Your Street Race-Gender?": Powerful Concept Everyone Should Think About

Check out this great video of Nancy López, PhD, Director, Institute for the: Study of "Race" & Social Justice at the February 19, 2015 Smithsonian Showcase: "What's Your Street Race-Gender?". This 40-minute video presentation is followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers.

Dr. Nancy López talks about the analytical importance of collecting multiple measures of Hispanic origin and race as well as intersectionality (examining race, gender, class, sexual orientation, disability, as overlapping systems of inequality) for the creation and implementation of targeted equity-based policy making in health, education, criminal justice, voting rights, housing and employment.

See also article on Dr. Nancy López, Ph.D. in Hola Cultura, Latino Arts and Culture, March 11, 2015, "Talk: The Complexity of Latino Identity and it's Consequences":