RWJF Center for Health Policy at UNM

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RWJF Center Senior and Doctoral Fellows conduct rigorous interdisciplinary research on the health inequities in our society and on a wide variety of topics that affect community health.  Our research focuses on solutions to improving the health and health care systems of the United States.
Researchers address the underlying social, economic, and political context in which individuals and families make behavioral choices that affect their health and use of health care.  They examine how socioeconomic and physical environments affect health and quality of life. Understanding this context improves our ability to devise solutions to our nation’s most pressing health and health care issues. We are committed to communicating research findings to local, state, tribal, and federal policymakers and advocacy organizations. The RWJF Center works closely with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to communicate its findings through meeting and reporting.
The RWJF Center is a member of the Health Disparities Education, Awareness, Research & Training Consortium.  We are also an NIH Center of Excellence in Health Disparities Research.  The RWJF Center’s current and emerging research initiatives and projects are listed below.