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Interdisciplinary Advocacy for Low Income, High-Risk Families

Interdisciplinary Advocacy for Low Income, High-Risk Families

Jessica Goodkind
McCune Foundation
02/16/2013 – 02/28/2015


The project will work in collaboration with community partners and engage in interdisciplinary teamwork to address critical non-biological factors affecting the well-being of children, including food, housing, education, domestic violence, safety, relationships with caregivers and access to critical benefits. Vulnerable, low-income children and their families who are identified as needing legal and medical interventions will be the principal beneficiaries. With the particularly bleak economic situation in New Mexico, it is vital for the UNM to work collaboratively with community partners in support of vulnerable families and children. It is also greatly beneficial for UNM students and residents to have direct, practical experience with interdisciplinary advocacy for low-income, high risk families.

Research Plan:

The project will fund a part-time Research Professor to develop partnerships with key community groups to enhance the advocacy and interdisciplinary component of the student’s work with families. Anticipated outcomes include thereby improving the health and well-being of some of the most vulnerable children and families by addressing their unmet legal needs. The project will collect and compile data on its work, including individuals served and type of service provided.


Final report due on February 28, 2015