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Improving Health Outcomes among Native Americans with Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

This project is a secondary analysis of a data extracted from Indian Health Service (IHS) and Tribal health data systems.  The project has three Specific Aims: 

  1. Update a longitudinal data infrastructure by extracting and linking electronic data from the IHS National Data Warehouse and other relevant IHS data that may be used to assess the health status, medical service utilization, and treatment costs for AIANs with diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease (CVD) by duration and disease course to better understand treatment needs
  2. Conduct a Comparative Effectiveness Research study on strategies implemented to reduce CVD risk among AI/ANs with diabetes and/or CVD using data in the data infrastructure with a specific focus on strategies that involve  education, case management, and advanced practice pharmacy service use
  3. Develop strategies to facilitate patients’ ability to make informed choices about using education, case management, and advanced practice pharmacy services, and to enhance the provision of these services to address patients’ needs