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Julie Lucero PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Social and Behavioral Health
Community Health Sciences, University of Nevada-Reno
(775) 682-7115

Julie was born and raised in northern New Mexico's Espanola Valley, known as a tri-cultural area consisting largely of Spanish, Mexican and Native American populations. She completed her graduate work at the UNM Dept. of Communication & Journalism in Health Communication. Her past research collaborations include Principal Investigator on a health disparities project, in partnership with the National Congress of American Indians Policy Research Center, and UNM HSC Office for Diversity on institutional faculty and student recruitment policies, and UNM Cancer Center population science efforts. 

Research Interests 

Using mixed methods and Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR), Dr. Lucero's research is centered on the identification of modifiable social determinants to reduce the impact of health inequities within communities of color and other diverse communities. Dr. Lucero has been involved with CBPR projects in collaboration with American Indian, Hispanic and LGBT communities. These projects examined factors associated with substance abuse, mental health outcomes, positive youth development, and service utilization. Her current research explores the role of trust in promoting effective processes and outcomes in community-academic partnerships. In previous research, we found trust at the beginning of research partnerships to be significantly associated with participation, power relations, sustainability, and overall research outcomes. Acknowledging the fragile nature of trust, future research will look at concepts and constructs associated change in trust over partnership lifespans.


Recent Accomplishments 

Selected publications

In Press

  • Lucero, J.E., Wallerstein, N., Duran, B., Alegria, M., Greene-Moton, E., Isreal. B., Kastelic, Magarati, M., Oetzel, J., Pearson, C., Schulz, A., Villegas, M., & White Hat Emily. In Press. Development of a mixed methods investigation of Process and Outcomes of Community Based Participatory Research. Journal of Mixed Methods Research.


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    Research for improved health: Variability and impact of structural characteristics in federally funded community-engaged research projects. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action.


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