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Yoshira D. Macias Mejia

RWJF Center for Health Policy Doctoral Fellow
Political Science

Yoshira D. Macias Mejia is a doctoral student in the department of political science. She is a first generation Mexican American and Southern California native. She graduated from California State University, Northridge with her bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She also holds a M.A. in American Politics and Public Policy from the University of New Mexico. She has been graduate intern at the New Mexico State Department of Health. Through this internship she was able to gain insight as to how health policies affect non-English language speakers in New Mexico. This informs her research because she is able to use this knowledge for her future field work in New Mexico. Her rationale for pursuing health equity issues stem primarily from personal experience with family members.

Research Interests 

Yoshira’s research interests focus on the subfields of American Politics and Comparative Politics within the larger field of Political Science. Her research examines how Latina immigrant women balance work and family life and the effects of family policies have on promoting easier work balance. Her research seeks to examine work and family balance given the current shifts in family structures. Her research centers on examining what policies the United States has passed historically and the contemporary consequences of these policies on the modern Latino immigrant family. Her methodological approach is a mixed-methods research design to gauge both individual and demographic family factors. She will contribute to the field of American Politics and Social and Health Policy through her research.