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Doctoral Fellows

  • RWJF Doctoral Fellow, Sociology

    Carmela Roybal is a PhD candidate with the Department of Sociology. A native New Mexican, Carmela's specialization is in the sociology of health, race and ethnicity, with an emphasis on the social determinants of mental health of American Indians and Latinos.  Her current research examines substance abuse patterns and suicide among American Indians and Latinos, in which she incorporates indigenous approaches to mental health.

  • Doctoral Fellow

    I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Economics at the University of New Mexico, where I also maintain a research fellowship in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy. I have progressed to candidacy with training focused on labor, health, and public economics, applied econometrics, immigration, and policy analysis. My lived and professional experiences have tremendously impacted my desire to become an economist and has shaped the lens in which I formulate new research questions and structure my pedagogical strategy.

  • RWJF Center for Heath Policy Doctoral Fellow

    Ms. Salinas is a doctoral student in the department of economics.

  • RWJF Center for Health Policy Doctoral Fellow

    Belinda Vicuña has received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology (double major) and Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of New Mexico. For Belinda, New Mexico is home, but she is certainly proud to claim her roots in Bolivia. She feels strongly about health equity/social justice, which has led her to bridge psychology and public health with her research. Taking a strengths-based approach, it is her aim to appreciate the importance of resilience within individuals and communities. Especially among marginalized and underserved communities, resiliency resources (for example: culture, family, or spirituality) can be greatly influential in promoting health. Belinda’s greatest motivation is to serve her community through her research in cancer prevention, finding the place where her deepest desire meets the greatest need.